Our repair and maintenance department specialize in the restoration, maintenance and repairs of your Wallys. Thanks to the know-how and the familiar environment of the workshops, at Wallys the after sales service becomes a unique experience of its kind.

If your Wallys is damaged due to a collision or an accident, it is easy to have it repaired at a good coachbuilder in your area. Indeed, the Wallys is equipped with a body made entirely of fiberglass, a material that is well known and mastered by the good coachbuilders.

In addition, the Wallys are equipped with a mechanical and 100% PSA motor, which makes the spare parts available anywhere in the world and easy to install. However, we advise you, in case of damage, always to start by contacting Wallys Automobiles.

We will then be able to evaluate if the car can be repaired on site or if it is advisable to carry out the repairs by us. In this last case, and according to your insurance, we can also take care of the transport.

If you own a Wallys of a certain age and you want to return the car in its new / original condition? We can also take care of the complete or partial restoration or reconstruction of your Wallys.

contractual warranty

New Wallys vehicles are warranteded against any manufacturing defect for a period of 3 years or 100,000 km, unless otherwise specified to you from the date of delivery. This date is written on the “warrantee certificate” of the “maintenance booklet” that is given to you with the vehicle. The contractual warranty covers the repair or exchange free of charge of the parts recognized as defective by Wallys or its representative as well as the labor required to bring the vehicle back into conformity.

anti perforation warranty

Wallys guarantees your vehicle against perforation (corrosion from the inside to the outside of the bodywork from the date of delivery written on the “warranty certificate” of the “maintenance book”, for a period of: – 5 years if its an individual car. – 3 years if it’s a commercial vehicle. The anti-perforation warranty covers the repair or exchange of items found to be defective by the Wallys or its representative, which shows a perforation due to corrosion.

warranty of the maintenance and replacement parts

Apart from the Contractual Warranty, Wallys genuine parts, components and accessories marketed and used by the Wallys Network and intended for Wallys vehicle mounting, are covered by a Spare Parts Warranty which covers any defect in the part, condition or condition. body, of the accessory duly established at the initiative of the Customer.

what is not covered

– Damages due to factors beyond the manufacturer’s control – Normal deterioration – Normal maintenance – Production changes

after sales services

Being a Wallys owner goes from individualism to uncompromising driving on the most beautiful roads and tracks in the world. The most beautiful experiences and the obtaining of simplicity is our first goal.

Do not forget that you, as a Wallys driver, are the most important ambassador. We want your Wallys – if possible – to benefit from all the developments in the technical fields, customizations and security.

Our ambition is to deliver the best quality, to give you a flexible and personalized service at reasonable prices. The best reliability and the joy of driving are guaranteed only by a good service.

For this reason, we advise you to make revisions in the times and standards recommended by the factory. With the after sales offers, we offer you many possibilities for the revision, customization and optimization of your Wallys.

We put all our experiences to accompany you in your adventures!

our strategic

Wallys has woven a network with renowned partners. Through these partnership agreements, any purchaser of a Wallys can enjoy various benefits and services upon request from their Wallys advisor. Assisting, advising and guiding clients is the main mission of Wallys employees.


Combining quality, reliability and power PSA Powertrain engines were an unmistakable choice for Wallys. In addition, to simplify the service-after-sales of our international customers, Wallys vehicles are equipped with a fully PSA Powertrain mechanic available anywhere in the world.


The partnership with VIVO ENERGY, official representative of SHELL in Tunisia, the supply of lubricants to Wallys does not stop there. The aim of this collaboration is to develop lubricants with optimum characteristics to guarantee the performance and reliability of Wallys engines.


Wallys has negotiated to allow you to buy at the best price your vehicle. To offer you this service, Wallys is associated with the Tunisian-Kuwaiti Bank.


You can insure your new car at all risks by promising you the best price on the market. This complete offer at an unbeatable price is set up with GAT.