The story

Passionate about niche vehicles since their childhood,
the two brothers are inspired by a random meeting and decide to take the plunge: the creation of a new automobile brand: the Wallys Car.

L’histoire de Wallys car

Passionnés des véhicules de niches depuis leurs enfances,
les deux frères s’inspirent de leur rencontre et décident de faire le grand saut : la création d’une nouvelle marque automobile : la Wallys Car.

The idea was born in 2005 during a random meeting on the island of Wallis and Futuna between the Guiga brothers and the former automobile manufacturer of the JEEP Dallas Mr René Boesch. Only three years later, the Wallys IZIS was presented at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. Equipped with a body completely in fiberglass, a galvanized chassis and a PSA Powertrain engine, the model is approved in Europe and went into production in 2009.

He is very successful internationally.
Since its inception, Wallys has produced more than 2,200 cars, with PSA Powertrain engines. This is the result of a relationship of mutual trust and shared values that make it possible to design and produce Wallys vehicles with the most reliable, economical and compact engines on the market.

wallys spirit

WALLYS brings together people of exceptions. It is through our technicians and our customers that the family business has created an automotive know-how rooted in authenticity and modernity. It is thanks to them that this know-how has become a way of life.

Wallys is a family company totally independent, the main founders are its shareholders, which allows the company to have a strong consistency in its sustainability. It occupies an exceptional position in the automotive industry.

The company directly and indirectly employs more than 120 people. The company is located in the city of Tunis. The Wallys site is located at the entrance of the A1 motorway, which includes the showroom, with a refined design; the factory, offering an optimal working atmosphere and after-sales service, offering customers a unique learning experience.

The wallys dna

The brother Zied and Omar Guiga, when designing the Wallys, they kept in mind four key principles.

Limited dimensions

Limited dimensions in order to circulate and park easily

Robust & Economical

Simplify the life of the driver by designing a robust and economical vehicle

Neo Retro

Offer a Neo-retro style with timeless lines


Produce a vehicle of great reliability

The wallys philosophy

On board of a Wallys vehicle, it’s the experience of simplicity that comes first. Our customers will never be caught in complex embedded technologies. Our approach to innovation is frugal, it focuses on security and reliability.

Our customers are our ambassadors, and they all enjoy a simple driving in a vehicle of character. The Wallys cars are carefully hand-assembled and manufactured with sturdy parts, internally developed, and with an almost unlimited choice of body colors and interior versions.

The company is committed to participate in maintaining a local economy and industrial background. Wallys therefore offers a vehicle entirely designed and produced in Tunisia. This environmental and societal commitment is part of the genes of society. As proof of this commitment, 57% of the components used in the production of Wallys vehicles are produced locally.

IRIS model is the result of this philosophy, shaped for 15 years by all Wallys employees.

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